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With My Knife (2007)

Chasing Stars & Sketching Skulls (2008)

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Judas Cole


This time around I was thrilled to have a few of my favorite people help out on this album. The past two rpm albums I worked mostly alone but on this album a whole family of friends poured their talent and love into my songs. We enjoyed making it I hope you enjoy listening to it. We plan on working on the songs more to polish them up for a proper album.

Cole:Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Synth, Harmonica, Accordion Vocals Jesse: Back up vocals one track 1 and 4 Lead Vocals on track 5, Shaker, Tambourine, and acoustic guitar on track 5 and some on track 1. Plus he gave much love and thought to the whole project. Christine: Vocals and poetry on track 7 and back up vocals on track 5. Also she colored the cover art. Nate: Bass and guitar on track 8 Moses:Bass guitar Mark: Drums on track 2 and 3



Completed Albums

With My Knife(2007)

The Make Out Scene
I Am A Desperate Man
The Ballad Of Aidan Staley...Take It Easy
One Summer Later
This Is Not About Love
My Favorite Thing To Break
With My Knife
The Snow Came Late
Lover I Had A Doubt
Hanging With Johnny And My Pal
Exit Stage Left

Chasing Stars & Sketching Skulls(2008)

Baby's Gone
I Don't Care
Believe in Me
8 am Buzz
Watching You
Mono Tone Me
Have I Had Too Much
When I Was Young